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Our Standard

  • proven approach

    Our approach is to first analyze the existing fixtures and current usage.  We then use our unique software which provides a detailed comparison to some of the highest rated LED fixtures in the industry.

  • Interior Solutions

    Our proven interior solutions use existing fixtures, bypass the ballasts and install 80,000 hr rated, 10 year warranty LED tubes. We also have options for full fixture replacement.

  • Exterior Solutions

    Our exterior solutions have a proven method of using existing poles and installing our 100,000 hr rated, 10 year warranty LED fixtures.

  • Energy Usage

    We reduce lighting energy usage by  a minimum of 50%.

  • Light Quality

    Our LED lights drastically improving the quality of light with consistent light temperature that only degrade an average 1% per 10,000 hrs of use vs. fluorescent lights that degrade at an average of 10-15%.

  • Local Manufacturers

    We partner with local manufacturers which allows us to make fixture housings pre-wired for our tubes so no ballasts are needed for new construction projects. 

  • Installation

    We can provide labor to install our products or work with your installation team.

energy reduction
5-10 years
maintenance costs

“The quality of the product, the consistent illumination of the LED lights, and the long duration of operation improve the look of our organization. We have had many internal positive inputs regarding the improved work environment.”

-VP of Finance and Administration