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In 1990, Todd Ingersoll was led by the Lord to work towards starting his own faith-based company founded on honesty, integrity, generosity, and a customer-first mindset. He went on to manage and operate companies for the next 11 years until he took a leap of faith and started Ingersoll & Co out of his garage in 2001. Over the next 14 years, the company grew into six divisions: Irrigation, Architectural Lighting, Plumbing, Snow Removal, Christmas Decorating, and LED Lighting.

In 2013 the Milwaukee Gaslight Building asked Todd to redesign the lighting on the inside of the flame that topped their 20-story building. By converting the entire system to LED, Todd was able to reduce their operating expenses from $3,500 per month to $35.

That was the beginning of Ingersoll Lighting. Since 2014 our team has been providing commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, growing from a modest start-up to a nationwide provider. From our expert team to strategic partners, we are committed to offering premium large-area LED lighting solutions with customized plans that deliver immediate improvement to your bottom line while reducing your energy with zero maintenance.

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