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Lighting Doesn’t Have To Be a Hassle

Energy and lighting upgrades shouldn’t add stress to your business, which is why we offer total turnkey packages that make your solutions straightforward. Ingersoll provides customized LED lighting solutions with a straightforward process. Our turnkey packages deliver complete lighting and energy upgrades without adding anything to your to-do list. Let Ingersoll Lighting help your business reduce energy costs with custom solutions and quality care.

Building & Lighting Audits

Our large-area lighting audit guarantees that you know what you’re getting from the start. We schedule a time to walk through the entire facility gathering information such as hours of use, current fixtures and bulbs, and the desired conditions for each area. Once we have gathered all this information we are able to go back to our office and compile the best solution for your company’s needs. We are also able to perform these in an efficient manner, prioritizing sensitivity to your staff and their time.


Photometrics layouts allow us to get an in-depth look at the way LED lighting will be applied and distributed within your facility. We will utilize these drawings in order to supply the specs of the lights to a specified outcome desired and determined by your need. Our photometrics will allow you to see the exact impact and distribution of the lights, making any desired adjustments before installation occurs.


Ingersoll Lighting offers a comprehensive finance packet, which allows customers to invest in energy savings with zero capital. When utilizing a comprehensive solution, 80% of lighting energy savings is applied to a term. This means installing lights will deliver an instant net positive to your cash flow while having the lights pay for themselves. This approach allows customers to prioritize funds as they see fit.


When working with Ingersoll Lighting, you are connected to a network of other partners to help provide turnkey solutions for your LED lighting upgrade. We are partnered with installation teams across the nation so we are able to service your building anywhere in the U.S. This also means we are also able to minimize labor expenses in order to maximize your full return.

Energy Rebates

When considering any energy upgrade, utility providers incentivize their customers with rebates. Utility providers across the U.S. offer different rebate amounts based on the considered project, oftentimes offsetting a substantial amount of the overall project. Many people know that rebates are available through their utility providers, but what’s not commonly known is that rebates are also offered in select parts of the country through third-party providers. When you work with Ingersoll Lighting, we maximize your utility rebate as well as any other rebate program that may be available to you. We handle all the details, relieving you of the stress that comes with managing paperwork for the application process, submission, and approval, to gain access to these funds. We show you the immediate impact these rebates can have on your project, saving you as much money as possible in the up-front cost and long-term return.

Let Ingersoll handle your project from start to finish. Learn more about cost-effective energy upgrades.

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