Exterior LED Lighting

Make Your Space Safe & Secure

Exterior lighting generally runs at a much higher wattage than interior, which is why upgrading to exterior LED lighting can be a lifesaver for your business. But the benefits don’t stop with energy savings. While upgrading your exterior lighting to LED can reduce energy costs by 50-80%, there is also zero maintenance once the LED lights are installed. This is a great way to improve and secure the exterior of your facility, making it safe and secure while saving money in the process. Ingersoll Lighting delivers solutions that make sense for your business, whether that’s wall packs, parking lot heads, flood lights, and more. From start to finish, we deliver total customized solutions for your exterior lighting needs. LEARN MORE ABOUT LED

What exterior LED Lighting can do for your business?

Upgrading your exterior lighting to LED lighting is a great way to improve and secure the exterior of your facility, making it safe and secure while saving money in the process.

  • Reduce energy usage by 50-80%
  • Eliminate maintenance costs
  • Produce long-term savings, over 10 years in certain cases
  • Improve security and safety
  • Brighter, even lighting coverage
  • Achieve a life rating range of 50,000-100,000 hours
  • 1.5 years average ROI

Big Cost Savings

LED lighting offers cost savings for businesses on a number of levels. While LED bulbs are initially more expensive than halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lamps, they last much longer, providing savings over the long term. LED lights can reliably last 50,000-100,000 hours.

Improve Illumination

Proper illumination is vital to the success of a business. LEDs provide instant brightness to an environment without any flickering, creating a better overall experience for employees and customers alike. Bright lighting can be the difference between a customer purchasing or leaving empty-handed. LED bulbs also spread light wider allowing for a more distributed illumination.

Extremely Energy Efficient

LED lighting is far more energy efficient than traditional lighting. Businesses can also save money on utility bills and take advantage of incentives and rebates offered by utilities for implementing energy efficiency upgrades.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LED lights use about 75-80% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and about 65% less energy than halogen bulbs.

Low To No Maintenance

LED lights are more durable, than fluorescent or incandescent light bulb. This makes LED lighting ideal for commercial environments, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED lights last for years, so overall maintenance costs are lower. Your business saves on labor hours, and workers can
focus on more important issues than changing light bulbs.

Get The Ingersoll LED Advantage
  • Factory direct preferred pricing
  • Average payback is only 6-18 months
  • Continual savings of 10+ years
  • Highest rated products and warranties
  • Safer work environment
  • Complimentary lighting assessment