Princeton Club is the largest and most respected health clubs in Madison and Milwaukee. Named Best in Madison and Dane County, Princeton Club is committed to excellence by offering their members the best in service, personal experience, and solutions for the health and fitness of each individual.

Princeton Club is open 24/7 to their patrons, which means their lights are constantly consuming energy. They wanted to conserve energy while saving money, and with Ingersoll Lighting, that goal was achieved.

Our expert team provided direct LED replacements for all applications in building environments including gymnasiums, pools, office and open workout spaces, as well as all exterior lighting.

Ingersoll provided a customized solution, Princeton Club now saves an estimated $80,000 per year in energy costs. The improvements made to their facilities have increased the brightness of their workout facilities, creating a safer environment for their patrons to pursue their health goals. By using Ingersoll Lighting, Princeton Club reduced their energy usage, increased their savings, and created a better product for their customers.

Ingersoll lighting has proven year after year to be an incredible partner; in supply, cost reduction performance and strategy.  Every project we have done they supported our identified goals and worked within our budget .   They have earned our trust and we highly recommend them.”  

Andrew Haugen,
President Princeton Clubs

Taking it a step further. To increase the impact of their energy efficiency, Princeton Club has now chosen to install solar upgrades. Solar upgrades combined with the LED replacements will increase cost and energy savings for their entire company.

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