Why LED?

Why LED?

  • Significantly reduces energy use. 50 < 80%.

  • 80,000 < Life Rating.

  • Eliminates maintenance without ballasts.

  • Produces long-term 10-year savings.

  • Achieves outstanding Return on Investment (ROI). 1.5 yr avg.

  • Drastically improves quality of light; only degrading 1% every 10,000 hrs.

  • Save money in HVAC because of heat reduction.

Why Emium Lighting?

In providing lighting solutions for clients over the past 26 years, I have always aligned myself with manufactures that provide products with the highest quality ratings, efficiency ratings and longevity in the marketplace.

Bob Cantarutti, President of Emium Lighting, and I met while we were working on lighting solutions for a resort in 2012.  After comparing the quality, efficiency and longevity of his products to major household names in the industry, I realized his products were far superior.  We developed our relationship for two years, and in 2014, Ingersoll Lighting officially became the National Distributor for Emium Lighting.  As a result of our extensive research, we confidently offer some of the highest rated LED products at competitive prices and with great availability.

Currently, the Emium line continues to lead the market in design and efficiency pertaining to quality and longevity.  Our return rate on product is less than a fraction of 1% with an average lifespan of 10 years.

Emium also has well established relationships with the owners of the factories that make our products.  As direct distributors, we buy factory direct which provides the best product at competitive pricing for our clients.